Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 2018

Director: Alexander Christenson
Producer: Alexandra Byer
Writers: Alexander Christenson & Justin Winters
Executive Producer: Justin Winters, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
Executive Producer: Phillip Watson
DPs: Alexander Hill, Michael Belcher

The Carhartt Vineyard

The Story of Mike, Brooke, and Chase Carhartt and the Carhartt Vineyard.

Director: Kevin Steen
Producer: Alexandra Byer
DP: Shabier Kirchner
Creative Director: Brian Bennett
Editor: Diego Siragna
Assistant Editor: Ryann Daigler
Steadicam: Orlando Duguay
Colorist: Mikey Pehanich @ The Mill
Original Music and Sound Design: Zak Engel

MGMT's Little Dark Age

Directors: Nathaniel Axel & David MacNutt
Label: Sony Music + Columbia Records
Producers: Alexandra Byer, Joseph Latson
DP: Matt Mitchell


Client: Bloomscape

Design Agency: LMNOP

Director: Kevin Steen
Producer: Alexandra Byer
DP: Cedric Cheung-Lau
Colorist: Mikey Pehanich @ The Mill
Original Music: Alex Ebert

Wilder Palms

Wilder Palms is a short film set in Hawaii about a seven-year old girl named Rin who is on the verge of being separated from her mother. After a tense encounter with a Child Protective Services investigator, Rin is forced to choose between retreating to her imagination or facing a new reality.

Winner HIFF’s Audience Award and Best Short Made in Hawaii

RIN Alexa Bodden
RIN'S MOM Cyndi Davis

Director: Bradley Tangonan
Producer: Alexandra Byer
Executive Producer: Kevin Steen
Co-Producer: Madeleine Askwith
Cinematographer: Shabier Kirchner
Colorist: Nat Jencks / Goldcrest
Original Composition: Zak Engel
Sound Design: One Thousand Birds
Title Design: Version Industries

Abbott - Bring Health to Life (Dir. Cut)

Client: Abbott Laboratories
Agency: Giant

Director: Bradley Tangonan
DP: Justin Derry
2nd Unit DPs: Matt Sundin, Kevin Steen
Producer: Alexandra Byer
Line Producer: Blake Ashman-Kipervaser

Patti $ea$on

Music video for the original song "Patti $ea$on" from the Fox Searchlight film PATTI CAKE$.

Director: Geremy Jasper
Label: Fox Searchlight
Production Companies: RATHAUS & Department of Motion Pictures
Producers: Michael Gottwald, Noah Stahl
DP: David Raboy

MGMT's Me and Michael

Directors: Joey Frank, Randy Lee Maitland
Label: Sony Music + Columbia Records
Producer: Alexandra Byer
DP: Ashley Connor
Editor: Alex Amoling