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Peter Pearce’s parents divorced after 65 years, his wife left him after 35, and his two sons, Mickey and Nick, are off leading their own lives. When Peter flies to Tulum, crashing Nick’s bachelor party hosted by Mickey, he realizes he’s not the only Pearce man in crisis.


Griffin Dunne stars as Peter Pearce, a man floundering after his father (Richard Benjamin) leaves his mother after 65 years of marriage and his own wife (Rosanna Arquette) leaves him after thirty-five. With his son Nick (James Norton)'s wedding on the horizon, Peter plans a getaway to Tulum, claiming to have had no idea that his sons and their friends would be there that very weekend for Nick’s bachelor party. The Pearce boys grapple with their own heartaches and question the role of family as their father makes an unexpected appearance in the Yucatán.

San Sebastian International Film Festival - 2023 Nominee Golden Seashell

Hamptons Film Festival - Official Selection

Woostock Film Festival - Official Selection

Morelia International Film Festival - Official Selection

American Film Festival Wrocław - Official Selection

Stockholm Film Festival - Official Selection

Torino Film Festival - Official Selection


Director: Noah Pritzker

Writer: Noah Pritzker

Producers: Bruce Cohen, Alexandra Byer, and Nicholas Célis

Main cast: Griffin Dunne, James Norton, Miles Heizer, Rosanna Arquette, Eisa Davis, Richard Benjamin

Cinematography: Alfonso Herrera Salcedo

Editing: Michael Taylor

Production design: Lance Mitchell

Production companies: Bold Choices Productions, Rathaus Films, Pimienta Films